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Viktor Anishchik

Position:Dean of the Physics Faculty
Degree:Dr.Sc., Professor
Contacts: :Room 150   Phone 209-51-27     e-mail
Teaching:Diffraction analysis

Interaction of charged particles with crystalls

Nuclear Power Plants
Research:Radiation physics of solids

Physics of thin films and protective coatings
Main papers:1. V.M.Anishchik, G.A. Gumanski. Structure analysis: elements of theory, tasks, laboratory works. BSU, Minsk, 1979, 137 p.

2. V.M.Anishchik, V.A. Gorushko, V.A. Pilipenko, Physical fundamentals of rapid thermal treatment. BSU, Minsk, 2000, in 4 volumes.

3. V.M.Anishchik, V.V. Ponaryadov, V.V. Uglov. Diffraction analysis. BSU, Minsk, 2002, 171 p.

4. V.M.Anishchik, Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. BSU, Minsk, 2008, 375 p.

5. V.V.Uglov, N.N. Cherenda, V.M. Anishchik. Methods of elemental composition analysis of surface layers. BSU, Minsk, 2007, 167 p.
Other:Was born on 19.03.1945 in Novoyelna (Grodno region). In 1967 finished Physics faculty of Belarussian State University. From 1970 worked as lecturer assistant, seniour lecturer, associate professor and professor at physics faculty. In 1972 received Ph.D. degree, in 1990 - degree of Dr.Sc., in 1991 - degree of Professor. In 1986-1990 was the the head of university trade union. In 1990 became the head of solid state physics department. In 1997 - Dean of the physics faculty. 3 Dr.Sc thesis and 11 Ph.D. thesis were defended under his supervision. Author of 400 scientific papers including 6 books, 5 text books, 9 patents. Honoured Science Worker of Republic of Belarus.