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Sergey Zlotski

Position:scientific researcher
Contacts: :Room 117   Phone 2095512     e-mail
Research:Modification of materials by ion-plasma flows; the forming of protective coatings; the study of structural-phase state and mechanical properties of materials; a study of corrosion, thermal and radiation resistance of materials.
Main papers:1. V.V. Uglov, D.P. Rusalski, S.V. Zlotski, A.V. Sevriuk, G. Abadias, S.B. Kislitsin, K.K. Kadyrzhanov, I.D. Gorlachev, S.N. Dub. Stability of Ti–Zr–N coatings under Xe-ion irradiation // Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2010. – Vol. 204. – P. 2095–2098.

2. V.V. Uglov, V.M. Anishchik, S.V. Zlotski, I.D. Feranchuk, T.A. Alexeeva, A. Ulyanenkov, J. Brechbuehl, A.P. Lazar. Composition and phase stability upon annealing of gradient nitride coatings // Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2008. – Vol. 202. – P. 2389–2393.

3. V.V. Uglov, V.M. Anishchik, S.V. Zlotski, G. Abadias, S.N. Dub. Structural and mechanical stability upon annealing of arc-deposited Ti–Zr–N coatings // Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2008. – Vol. 202. – P. 2394–2398.

4. T. A. Alexeeva, V. M. Anishchik, S. V. Zlotski, J. Brechbühl, H. Guerault, A.Lazar, A. Ulyanenkov, and T. Baumbach. Stress and composition evaluation for gradient nitride coatings // Advances in X-ray Analysis, 51, 2007, P. 176-182.

5. V.V. Uglov, V.M. Anishchik, S.V. Zlotski and G. Abadias. The phase composition and stress development in ternary Ti–Zr–N coatings grown by vacuum arc with combining of plasma flows // Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2006. – Vol. 200, Issues 22-23. – P. 6389-6394.

6. V.V. Uglov, V.M. Anishchik, S.V. Zlotski, G. Abadias and S.N. Dub. Stress and mechanical properties of Ti–Cr–N gradient coatings deposited by vacuum arc // Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2005. – Vol. 200, Issues 1-4. – P. 178-181.

7. V.M. Anischik, V.V. Uglov, S.V. Zlotski, P. Konarski, M. Cwil, V.A. Ukhov. SIMS investigation of nitride coatings // Vacuum. – 2005. – V. 78. – P. 545-550.

8. V.V. Uglov, V.M. Anishchik, V.V. Khodasevich, Zh.L. Prikhodko, S.V. Zlotski, G. Abadias, S.N. Dub. Structural characterization and mechanical properties of Ti-Zr-N coatings, deposited by vacuum arc// Surface and Coatings Technology. – 2004. – Vol. 180-181. – P. 519-525.

9. V.M. Anishchik, V.V. Uglov, S.V. Zlotskii, V.A. Emel'yanov, V.N. Ponomar' and V.A. Ukhov. Multilayer nanostructured TiN/ZrN coatings: structure and mechanical properties // Journal of Advanced Materials 10 (4) (2003) 390–394 (Translated from Perspektivnye Materialy 10 (4) (2003) 75–78).
Other:He was born on January 10, 1979. in Grodno. In 1996 he graduated from the school-secondary school №30 of Grodno and entered the physicotechnical department of the Grodno State University of Ya.Kupaly, which with the difference finished in 2001. He finished graduate study in BSU. Since 2005 Zlotski S.V. works in the department of solid state physics of the physics department of BSU in the post of engineer, junior scientific worker, scientific worker the Res.lab of physics of the ion-plasma modification of solid bodies.