Artsimovich Lev Andreevich

graduate of 1928

Faculty, specialty:Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Period of study: 1924-1928

Brief biographical note:

He was born in Moscow in the family of an employee Andrey Mikhailovich Artsimovich, later a professor at BSU.

Professional activity:

Basic works on atomic and nuclear physics.

Under the leadership of Artsimovich, a thermonuclear reaction was carried out under laboratory conditions for the first time in the world. He studied the processes of interaction of fast electrons with matter, obtained data on the dependence of the bremsstrahlung intensity and total energy losses on the energy of fast electrons, which confirmed the conclusions and predictions of quantum theory, which at that time was of fundamental importance. He proved the capture of a neutron by a proton and the conservation of momentum during the annihilation of an electron and a positron. He conducted theoretical research in the field of electronic optics and radiation theory in betatron, was engaged in the development of electron-optical night vision systems in the infrared region of the spectrum. Under the leadership of Artsimovich, an electromagnetic method of isotope separation was developed for the first time in the USSR. He led experimental research on controlled thermonuclear fusion, and discovered neutron radiation from high-temperature plasma.




Professional achievements:

Hero of Socialist Labor, academician of the USSR Academy; founder of the Department of nuclear physics, MSU associate Professor of St. Petersburg state University. Deputy Chairman of the Soviet Pugwash Committee and head of the National Committee of Soviet Physicists (1963-1973). Stalin Prize of the 1st degree (1953). Lenin Prize (1958). State Prize of the USSR (1971).


Artsimovich is considered the author of the following statements:

" Science is the best way to satisfy personal curiosity at public expense.»

" The golden Apple of success often appears on the most inconspicuous branch of the mighty tree of science.»