Borisevich Nikolay Alexandrovich

graduate of 1950

Faculty, specialty:Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Period of study: 1945-1950

Brief biographical note:

He was born in the village of Luchnoy Most (now Berezinsky district, Minsk region) in a peasant family.

Professional activity:

His research works are devoted to molecular spectroscopy, luminescence, quantum electronics, and infrared technology. Borisevich experimentally studied and constructed the theory of luminescence of polyatomic molecules in the gas phase,

a universal relation between the spectral parameters of complex molecules is obtained, optical methods for measuring the temperature of molecules are developed, and delayed fluorescence under thermal excitation is detected. One of the founders of a new scientific direction - spectroscopy of free complex molecules.

Borisevich's work made it possible to solve the problem of spectral filtration of infrared radiation, to create new dispersion filters for the wavelength range of 4-100 microns, and to introduce them into mass production. In the field of laser physics, a new type of laser with tunable frequency and nano - and picosecond radiation pulses has been obtained.

Professional achievements:

Hero of Socialist Labor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor; commander of the order of the red banner of Labor; the four Orders of Lenin, order of the October revolution; Lenin prize; State prize of the USSR, State prize of the Republic of Belarus; commander of the Order of Francysk Skaryna; Honored scientist of the Republic of Belarus, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, honorary President of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Editor-in-Chief of the journals "Reports of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR" (1969-1987) and "Journal of Applied Spectroscopy" (1994-2015).