Fedorov Fedor Ivanovich

graduate of 1931

Faculty, specialty:Faculty of Education

Period of study: 1929-1931

Brief biographical note:

He was born on June 6 (June 19), 1911 in the village of Turets (now Korelichsky district, Grodno region) in the family of a teacher.

Professional activity:

His works are devoted to quantum field theory, elementary particle physics, and the theory of wave propagation in crystals. The general properties of the minimal polynomials of the matrices of relativistic wave equations describing elementary particles are established, and he contributed to the development of the general method of projective operators, which allows us to obtain all the characteristics of the states of particles with arbitrary spin in a covariant and compact form. An original parametrization of the Lorentz group is proposed, which leads to a simple solution of the main problems of relativistic kinematics. He developed a covariant method of direct tensor calculus and applied it to the problems of acoustics and optics of crystals. He created a consistent theory of the gyrotropy of crystals. He discovered the phenomenon of lateral displacement of a light beam during reflection, known as the Fedorov shift. For the first time, he gave an analytical method for calculating the temperature of crystals of arbitrary symmetry.

Professional achievements:

Hero of Socialist Labor; Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR; Founder of the Department of Theoretical Physics of the BSSR (1938) and its head; Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the BSSR (1943-1950); Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics of the BSSR (1943-1962); Head of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Institute of Physics of the BSSR (1955-1987); Academician-Secretary of the Department of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the BSSR (1963-1987); adviser to the Presidium of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences (since 1987).)

He became the first native of Belarus to receive the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

Fedorov's father-Ivan Mikhailovich Fedorov, became famous as a children's writer Yanka Mavr.