Kisly Viktor Vladimirovich

graduate of 1999

Faculty, specialty:Faculty of Physics, Department of Laser Physics and Spectroscopy.

Period of study: 1995-1999

Brief biographical note:

Born in 1976 in Minsk.

Professional activity:

Co-owner and CEO of the company, which is widely known all over the world and is one of the largest developers of MMO games

Professional achievements:

In April 2009, a new game called World of Tanks was released. On January 21, 2013, the game set a world record among all games of the genre for the Guinness Book of Records: on this day, there were 190,541 players on one of the five servers of the Russian cluster. In 2016 and 2017, Viktor Kislyi led the top 200 successful and influential entrepreneurs of Belarus. Winner of the European Games Award 2014: "Person of the Year in the European gaming industry" (Personality Award)

The total number of assets of Viktor Kislyi reached US $ 1 billion; at the same time, the price of the holding company it reached the level of $ 1.5 billion. According to some estimates, in 2017, the value of the holding company it was from 3 to 4 billion US dollars.

"Education has helped us a lot in terms of modeling and so on," says the businessman. However, he admits, because of the" Civilization " one session almost failed.