Kozadaev Konstantin Vladimirovich

graduate of 2005

Faculty, specialty:Faculty of Physics, Department of Laser Physics and Spectroscopy

Period of study: 2001-2005

Brief biographical note:

Born in 1983 in the Russian Federation (Tambov region.)

Professional activity:

Vice-Rector of BSU for Academic Affairs and Internationalization of Education

Professional achievements:

Author of more than 160 scientific papers, including a foreign collective monograph, patents for inventions, and textbooks. Is the winner of: the grant of the President of Belarus in science in 2015; scholarships of the President of the Republic of Belarus in 2009 and 2012; the Prize. A. N. Sevchenko BSU in 2009; the Scholarship of the world Federation of scientists (WFS) in 2010; Diplomas of the winner of International competitions grants of OPTEK (Carl Zeiss) in 2012 and 2014.