Kuchinsky Petr Vasilievich

graduate 1971

Faculty, specialty:physics of semiconductors and dielectrics

Period of study: 1971-1976

Brief biographical note:

Petr Vasilievich Kuchinsky, born in 1949, Belarusian.

In 1971 he graduated from the Faculty of Physics of the Belarusian State University with a degree in physics of semiconductors and dielectrics. and was assigned as a junior researcher at BSU.

Professional activity:

From 1972 to the present, he has been working at the research institution `` Institute of Applied Physical Problems named after A.N. Sevchenko '' Belarusian State University.

In 1999 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and since this year he has been holding the position of Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the N.I. A.N. Sevchenko BSU.

Since 2009, Petr Vasilievich Kuchinsky has been the director of the institute.

Professional achievements:

Kuchinsky P.V. & ndash; a well-known scientist in the field of solid-state electronics, radiation physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices, development and creation of automated measuring systems and specialized information processing systems.

For the first time, he established regularities and described models of radiation defect formation in semiconductor structures, depending on the impurity composition and doping level of semiconductor silicon crystals, developed methods and equipment for studying the formation processes, properties of centers in semiconductor structures by the method of capacitive spectroscopy. Based on the research results, a handbook on radiation resistance of materials was published. For the first time, the vibrational reaction of the rearrangement of centers in a solid was experimentally discovered. The unsurpassed possibilities of the method of capacitive spectroscopy in the study of centers with a strong electron-phonon interaction are shown. For the first time, the possibility of using isotopic alpha sources in the radiation technology for controlling the parameters of semiconductor devices has been physically substantiated and shown. The developed technology has been implemented in the electronics industry.

Kuchinsky P.V. has published more than 180 scientific works, including 3 monographs, a textbook `` Interaction of radiation with a solid and the principles of their registration ''. His work has been published in such prestigious journals as Physica Status Solidi, Solid State Electronics, Letters to the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics; presented at international conferences and meetings (Ouk Ridge National Laboratory USA, CERN). P.V. Kuchinsky is a member of СMS-collaboration (CERN).

Kuchinsky P.V. is one of the organizers in the Republic of Belarus of a new scientific and technical direction for the creation of software and hardware and software complexes for cryptographic information protection. Under his scientific leadership, a scientific school on cryptographic means of protecting information was created. Within the framework of state programs, a number of systems and complexes for cryptographic information protection have been developed, manufactured and are successfully operating. P.V. Kuchinsky carried out the development of generator diodes used in information security systems, their implementation and metrological support when organizing serial production in the Republic of Belarus. Applied developments are protected by copyright certificates. P.V. Kuchinsky is a developer and expert of a number of regulatory documents, standards that determine state policy in the field of information security.

Kuchinsky P.V. is a member of two Councils of the Belarusian State University for the defense of doctoral dissertations, participates in the work of expert councils, a member of the editorial board of the journals `` Electronics info '', `` Bulletin of BSU '', `` Instruments and measurement methods. ''

In 2001 and 2011. awarded with the Honorary Diplomas of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus; Certificates of honor of the BSU, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus, the State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus; the badge `` Jubilee medal '' In honor of the 80th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus '', the jubilee badge `` 75th anniversary of the government connection of the Republic of Belarus ''.

Some recent publications:

  1. Kuchinsky P.V., Petrunin Yu.P., Novik M.I., Petrunin A.P. Hardware and software device for cryptographic data protection on a hard disk drive at the level of & nbsp; IDE & nbsp; interface / Materials of the 14th International Conference `` Comprehensive Information Security '', Mogilev, 2009, pp. 139-141.
  2. Kuchinsky P.V., Novik M.I., Rashchenya N.A., Petrunin P.Yu., Petrunin Yu.P., Trukhanovich A.L. Hardware and software complex for protecting information on a PC from unauthorized access. / Abstracts of the XVI scientific and practical conference. 'Comprehensive information protection' Grodno, 2011, pp. 78-79.
  3. Prakopchik V.I., Abutov I.V., Kuchinsky P.V. On the problems of building a system of technical protection of information at facilities of computer facilities Reports of the X International Conf. `` Development of informatization of the state system of scientific and technical. information, Minsk, 2011, pp. 107-112
  4. Afanasenkov A.S., Pylilo D.S., Petrunin A.P., Kuchinsky P.V. Hardware and software complex for cryptographic protection of information and control of access to a PC based on a USB key. XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference `` Comprehensive Information Security '' Suzdal, 2012, 37-39
  5. Afanasenkova A.S., Pylilo D.S., Petrunina A.P., Kuchinsky P.V. 'Hardware and software complex for protecting a PC from unauthorized access using a USB key' / International Scientific and Practical Conference 'Theoretical and Applied Problems of Information Security', section No. 2`` Modern technical and organizational methods and means of information protection. '' Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. Minsk. 2012.