Sevchenko Anton Nikiforovich

graduate of 1931

Faculty, specialty:Faculty of Education

Period of study: 1929-1931

Brief biographical note:

He was born in the village of Deniskovichi (now Zhlobinsky district of the Gomel region) in a peasant family.

Professional activity:

Scientific works relate to spectroscopy and luminescence of organic and inorganic substances, molecular spectroscopy, quantum electronics, and semiconductor spectroscopy. The optical properties of porphyrins, which are important for elucidating the mechanisms of photosynthesis, are studied. Important information about the mechanisms of photophysical and photochemical processes in solutions of chlorophyll and related compounds has been obtained. The problems of optical investigation of semiconductor crystals and the processes of formation of defects in them are investigated.

Professional achievements:

Hero of Socialist Labor; Academician of the BSSR Academy of Sciences; Director at the Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the BSSR Academy of Sciences (1955-1957); Rector of the BSU (1957-1972); Director of the Institute of Applied Physical Problems at the BSU (since 1973); member of the Presidium of the BSSR Academy of Sciences (1957-1973); Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1958-1962); Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR(1955-1959 and 1963-1975). I. Stepanova of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.