Strazhev Vasily Ivanovich

graduate of 1966

Faculty, specialty:Faculty of Physics

Period of study: 1961-1966

Brief biographical note:

Born in the city of Kamensk in Poltava region

Professional activity:

Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus (1994-2001); Rector of the Republican Institute of Higher Education of BSU (2001-2003); Rector of BSU (2003-2008); Director of the Republican Institute of Chinese Studies named after Confucius (2008-2011); Chairman of the Council for Cooperation in the Field of Education of the CIS countries (1997-2013); Chairman of the Board of the Republican Society "Knowledge" (2001-2014); foreign member of the State Russian Academy of Education (2005); member of the International Academy of Higher Education Sciences (since 1993, head of its Belarusian branch). The main areas of scientific activity as a theoretical physicist: the theory of magnetic charge, polarization symmetry in field theory, the Dirac-Kaehler equation, gauge theories with a non-compact group of internal symmetry.

Professional achievements:

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1986), Professor (1987), foreign member of the Russian Academy of Education, Vice-President of the Eurasian Association of Universities, Honorary Doctor of the Russian State Social University. Honorary Diploma of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, Medal of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher Education, Gold Badge of Honor named after Peter the Great "For Noble works", awarded the Pushkin Medal.