Information for students of BSU about settling in hostel for 2022 – 2023.



Dear students of the Faculty of Physics! We draw your attention to the information on settling in hostel for 2022-2023.



Charity event "Portfel pervoklassnika" is held at BSU

From August 4 to August 25, the charitable action event "Portfel pervoklassnika" ("Schoolbag for First Grader") is held at BSU.


The …

Group at risk of HIV infection – a topic that concerns everyone

The risk group for HIV infection is a topic that concerns everyone.


HIV knows no geographical or national boundaries; it is equally merciless to the rich a…

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – In Belarus has started the action event "Say NO to the drug-dealing!"



Drugs, precursors, the drug business are words that are on everyone’s lips, and from the fact that they constantly talk about it, they protect them from something, these are words to which a perso…

The project on experimental physics is being implemented at the Faculty of Physics!

BSU students launched the project on experimental physics for schoolchildren. Its goal is to popularize knowledge about the natural sciences and involve children and adolescents in research activities.


Dear students of the Faculty of Physics! The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus reminds! Be careful: protect yourself and your personal data from scammers



The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus reminds everyone of the importance of keeping personal data, personal health and money safe.

Dear students and employees of the Faculty of Physics! Minsk city organization "Water Rescue Society" (OSVOD) warns: Be careful on the water! Make your recreation safe!

Swim in specially designated places, beaches that are equipped with changing rooms, depth buoys are set up, the bottom is cleaned from foreign objects and lifeguards are on duty who will come to the rescue in seconds.