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The brain is the most complex and least studied organ of the human body. The study of the principles and mechanisms of its functioning is necessary not only to identify the fundamental foundations of consciousness and intelligence, but also to develop effective methods of treating various diseases.

The article in the newspaper "Navuka", in which Andrei Denisov, head of the laboratory of cell engineering and nanobiotechnology of the Department of Biophysics of the Faculty of Physics of the Belarusian State University, Candidate of Biological Sciences, spoke in detail about scientific and educational complex for the study of brain, developed by the team of scientists of the Faculty of Physics of BSU, and the Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

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“When I think about the future of Belarusian physics, it takes my breath away from the tempting prospects.”

This is what Anton Sevchenko said in one of his interviews. A well-known scientist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR, Hero of Socialist Labor ... And the most beloved rector for several generations of BSU students. However, a longer history is connected with the Anton Nikiforovich University. Correspondents of “SB. Belarus today ”learned the details. Link to source...

Nanodiamonds and antimicrobial therapy, or cakes from the point of view of physics

These are the first two areas of activity on her professional path chosen by a young scientist Anastasia Tabolich, a post-graduate student of the Faculty of Physics of BSU. A 25-year-old girl of 2.5 years works as a junior researcher at the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences. Our heroine is sure that her future will be clearly connected with what she admires now, namely with science and creativity. She sincerely told about this in an interview with the correspondent of "Chervonki". Source-->

A symbolic display of the wall of the classroom for the 100th anniversary of BSU took place!

The symbolic laying out of the wall for the 100th anniversary of BSU took place with the participation of employees and students of the university. The action was held on April 22 in the main building of the BSU, where construction work is underway to reconstruct the building. The event was attended by the management, teachers and students of the Faculty of Physics.


"One of the most popular faculties is physics."

Another most popular faculty is physics. Here the children are given the opportunity to practice in the laboratory with sophomores. The curriculum, of course, is not easy, but both students and teachers are always ready to help.

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On the eve of the launch of the Belarusian NPP, the issue of personnel readiness is one of the most urgent!

Atomic Engineer is a Peaceful Profession "- SB.BY edition visited the Faculty of Physics.

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Martinovich Grigory Grigorievich spoke about the Department of Biophysics in an interview!

Read the continuation on page 5 of the issue of the newspaper "Your Health" No. 19 (600) October 2020 by the link

"We need developers of new technologies, materials, designers ..."

Anishik Viktor Mikhailovich gave an interview for the BSU newspaper - you can read the full version of the interview with one of the most respected and famous employees of our faculty at the link.

Maksim Shundalov, an employee of the Faculty of Physics, on a stable calendar.

"... We'll have to seriously change the legislation on weekends, other things, recount the events that were earlier, to a new chronology, to new dates. It seems to me that these costs are not worth these costs."

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Did you miss Don't Teach a Scientist?

Ivan Ivanovich Zholnerevich, a young scientist of the Faculty of Physics of BSU, fought with a young physicist Yevgeny Deshko. In the program, the participants had not only to demonstrate knowledge of physical laws and formulas, but to apply a truly creative and practical approach to solving the proposed problems.


"Conquerors of the Arctic"

An article in the newspaper "University" about the students of the Faculty of Physics who "equipped" the North Pole

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"We are already leaving for nanotechnology!"

An article on the CTB website dedicated to the latest developed equipment, which has recently been placed in the laboratory of the Faculty of Physics.



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