Physics and Mathematics School 'Quantum BSU'


Dear school students!


From the new academic year 2022-2023, the Faculty of Physics continues the work of the full-time Physics and Mathematics School "Quantum BSU" in four areas:


"Quantum 9"

"Quantum 10"

"Quantum 11"

"Quantum Olympian".


Our educational programs are designed not only for those who want to improve their knowledge and fill gaps in certain topics (in order to enter specialized classes with in-depth study of physics and mathematics, gymnasiums, lyceums, successful completion of the Centralized Testing, Unified State Examination, admission to universities), but also for those who wish to gain the insight into the essence of physical laws, to learn how to solve the Olympiad problems of the theoretical and experimental rounds.


Classes at the Physics and Mathematics School «Quantum BSU» are given by lecturers of the Faculty of Physics of BSU in lecture halls and laboratories of the Faculty of Physics in the center of Minsk. School students get the opportunity to use the resources of the educational portal of the Faculty of Physics (lecture notes, tests, tasks, and also have feedback from the lecturer). Classes in "Quantum 9", "Quantum 10" and "Quantum 11" are held mainly on Saturdays (exceptions are possible during the holidays). Based on the results of training, the certificate is issued. Tuition for the entire academic period in 2021-2022 did not exceed 500 BYN (payment by two installments).


To organize the educational process (formation of groups, etc.) we need Your opinion. Therefore, we kindly ask You to fill out the questionnaire until September 1.

To fill out the questionnaire, click on the link.


The start time of training is October 2022.




Quantum Schedule
Quantum BSU
The educational program is aimed at in-depth study of physics and mathematics, preparing students to participate in the Olympiads ...