Research area: medical biophysics and biophysical methods in the disease diagnostics.
Head of the lab – Dr. Vladimir P. Zorin
phone: +375 (17) 226-59-47

Research area: development of equipment and analysis methods for the cellular process study.
Head of the lab – Dr. Andrey A. Denisov
phone: +375 (17) 209-52-78

Research area: modification of the electrophysical and structural properties of diamond and other semiconductors to create electronic devices on their basis; development of research methods for semiconductor materials, measurement system automation.
Head of the lab – Nikolai M. Kazuchits
phone: +375 (17) 209-55-09

Research area: physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices, physics of low-dimensional systems, physics of carbon nanostructures.
Head of the lab – Dr. Vitaly K. Ksenevich
phone: +375 (17) 209-55-42

Research area: physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices and structures, radiation materials science of dielectric-semiconductor structures.
Head of the lab – Dr. Vladislav S. Prosolovich
phone: +375 (17) 209-50-51

Research area: development of spectroscopic devices, optical device engineering.
Head of the lab – Maksim N. Kovalenko
phone:+375 (17) 209-51-12 телефон временно недоступен в связи с ремонтом корпуса БГУ

Research area: development of laser spectroscopic methods and drugs for medical diagnostics; development of optical materials, technologies and creation of controlled diffractive and waveguide elements on their basis.
Head of the lab – Prof. Eugene S. Voropai
phone: +375 (17) 209-54-72

Research area: radiation physics of solids and semiconductors; impact of pulse plasma flows on materials; protective coatings; thin films; electronic structure of solids; high-speed crystallization.
Head of the lab – Dr. Andrey K. Kuleshov
phone: +375 (17) 209-62-57

Research area: solar energy materials, 2D materials and nanomaterials science, diagnostics of semiconductor materials and development of methods for analyzing their properties.
Head of the lab – Dr. Olga V. Korolik
phone: +375 (17) 209-53-59

Research area: condensed matter physics, device engineering.
Head of the lab – Dr. Igor I. Azarko
phone: +375 (17) 209-51-09
mail: :


· cell biophysics and cell engineering
· redox signaling and redox regulation in biosystems
· medical biophysics and biophysical methods for disease diagnostics
· nanobiotechnology and nanomedical technology
· biosensors, neurosensors and bioconverters

· rational approximation and its applications to solving problems of mathematical physics
· computational mathematics
· integral equations and boundary problems
· fractional partial differential equations
· mathematical modeling of dynamic biosystems

· self-organization in complex systems, nonlinear dynamics, bioinformatics
· quantum transport in disordered systems of reduced dimension, exactly solvable problems in quantum mechanics and stochastic dynamics
· Supercomputing and grid technologies
· theoretical and mathematical physics of diffusion processes, nanoscale controlled transport, Brownian motors
· nonlinear optics of light beams and pulses, interaction of laser radiation with matter, nanophotonics

· laser physics, nonlinear optics and holography
· photophysics and nonlinear spectroscopy of condensed matter
· physics of liquid crystals for optoelectronic systems
· methods and preparations for biomedical applications
· methods and hardware-software means for spectral-luminescent analysis
· complex dynamics of laser systems with the fast phase relaxation
· spatial-dynamic models of radiation formation in laser systems

· theory of gravity and electromagnetism
· cosmology and astrophysics
· elementary particle and high-energy physics
· coherent and quantum effects in condensed matter
· optics and acoustics of complex environments

· development of the element base for micro- and nanoelectronics
· physics of carbon materials
· design and programming of microcontroller systems
· programmable smart sensors
· development of non-destructive testing methods, rapid diagnostics of materials and instrument structures

· interaction of charged particles and plasma with solids
· computer simulation of the electronic structure of solids
· development of perspective materials and protective coatings
· development and manufacturing of reference thermostatic devices
· ultrasonic non-destructive testing

· optical memory and information conversion systems
· physics of atomic-molecular processes and nanoscale systems
· atmospheric physics and aerospace remote probing
· optoelectronics
· photophysics and photochemistry of glassy polymers

· solar energy materials
· nanostructured materials and their applications
· electrochemical energy storage
· thin-film technologies
· heat transfer and measuring devices for energy systems

· detection, spectrometry and radiometry of ionizing radiation
· interaction of charged particle beams with the periodic structures
· thermal physics of nuclear reactors and reactor facilities
· information measuring systems
· radiation monitoring methods