Georgy A. Pitsevich

Position held: Associate professor

Degree, academic title:Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor

Specialization:Кафедра физической оптики и прикладной информатики

Contact Information:
The address: Minsk, 5, Bobruiskaya st., office 414
Phone: +375 (17) 259-73-28

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Courses taught:



Application of group theory in molecular spectroscopy, Atomic spectroscopy, Spectroscopy of diatomic molecules, Spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules, Molecular optics

rnPractical lessons: Mechanics, Optics



Honorary awards, prizes, titles:

Honored Worker of BSU, 2022





I. Monographs:

1. G. Pitsevich Hybrid method of studying LAM in clusters. The case of hydrogen bond. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Deutschland, Germany, 2016.

2. I.Yu.Doroshenko, V.Ye. Pogorelov, G.A. Pitsevich, V. Shablinskas The cluster structure of liquid alcohols: study by vibrational spectroscopy. - LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2012.-279 p. [in russian]. / store / gb / book / 978-3-8484-2251-7 /  Liquid-alcohol-cluster-structure

3. G.A. Pitsevich, M.B.Shundalov Molecular spectroscopy. Publishing Center of the BSU. 2005. [in russian].

II. Articles and Abstracts

4. G. Pitsevich, I. Doroshenko, A. Malevich, E. Shalamberidze, V. Sapeshko, V. Pogorelov, L.G.M. Pettersson. Temperature dependence of the intensity of the vibrational-rotational absorption band v2 of H2O trapped in an argon matrix. Spectrachimica Acta Part A, (2016)

5.V. Pogorelov, Ye. Chernolevska, Ye. Vaskivskyi, L.G.M. Pettersson, I. Doroshenko, V. Sablinskas, V. Balevicius, J. Ceponkus, K. Kovaleva, A. Malevich, G. Pitsevich Structural transformations in bulk and matrix-isolated methanol from measured ans computed infrared spectroscopy. J. Mol. Liq., V. 216 (2016) 53-58.

6. Pitsevich G.A., Kozlovskaya E.N., Doroshenko I.Yu. Analysis of stretching vibrations of carbonyl groups in a number of structural fragments of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate. Bulletin of BSU, ser. 1 Phys.mat.inf. (2016) N1 c. 49-56.

7. G.A. Pitsevich, A.E. Malevich, E.N. Kozlovskaya, I.Yu. Doroshenko, V. Sablinskas, V.E. Pogorelov, D. Dovgal & rsquo;, V. Balevicius Anharmonic analysis of C-H and O-H stretching vibrations of the formic acid dimer. Vibr. Spectrosc. 79 (2015) 67-75

8. G. A. Pitsevich, A. E. Malevich, E. N. Kozlovskaya, I. Yu. Doroshenko, V. E. Pogorelov, V. Sablinskas, V. Balevicius. Theoretical study of the C-H / O-H stretching vibrations in malonaldehyde. Spectrochim. Acta Part A 145 (2015) 384-393

9. Pitsevich G.A., Malevich A.E. Comparison of the capabilities of Fourier and DVR methods as applied to numerical solutions of multidimensional oscillatory Schrödinger equations. ZhPS 82 (2015) 813-820

10. Pitsevich G.A., Malevich A.E. Features of dynamic and force interaction of two non-coaxial tops in an ethanol molecule: 2D calculation of the energy of torsion states. ZhPS 82 (2015) 505-518

11. Pitsevich G.A., Malevich A.E., Sleptsov E.Yu., Sapeshko V.V. Ab initio anharmonic analysis of vibrational states of BF3 and BH3 molecules using symmetry coordinates. ZhPS 82 (2015) 50-56

12. A. Radko, A. Malevich, G. Pitsevich DVR and Fourier approach to study stationary states of electron in hexagonal potential well. Book of Abstracts of 58th Scientific Conference for Yuong Students of Physics and Natural Science, March 24-27,2015, Vilnius, Lithuania, p. 286

13. O. Kovalkova, M. Shundalou, G. Pitsevich Calculations of potential energy curvers and Frank-Condon factors of KRb ground and exited singlet states. Book of Abstracts of 58th Scientific Conference for Yuong Students of Physics and Natural Science, March 24-27,2015, Vilnius, Lithuania, p. 120

14. A. Kapskaya, A. Malevich, G. Pitsevich 2D calculations of O-H and CH3 internal rotations in ethanol molecule. Book of Abstracts of 58th Scientific Conference for Yuong Students of Physics and Natural Science, March 24-27,2015, Vilnius, Lithuania, p. 119

15. K.V. Kovaleva, E.Z. Shalamberidze, G.A. Pitsevich Some aspects of using the basis sets of Pople and Dunning in studying the spectral and structural characteristics of the hydrogen bridge in methanol clusters. IV Republican scientific conference of students, undergraduates and postgraduates "Topical issues of physics and technology" April 22-25, 2015 Grodno, s. 22.

16. M.B. Shundalau, G.A. Pitsevich, A.A. Minko Ab initio multi-reference perturbation theory calculations of the low-lying singlet and triplet states of the KRb molecule. Materials of the III International Scientific and Practical Conference "Applied Problems of Optics, Informatics, Radiophysics and Condensed Matter Physics" Minsk, April 28-29, p. 134-135.

17. G.A. Pitsevich, A.E. Malevich, E.Z. Shalamberidze. Calculation of the temperature dependence of the intensity distribution of the vibrational-rotational absorption band of a water molecule in an argon matrix. Collection of scientific papers of the V Congress of Physicists of Belarus, October 27-30, 20


Research interest:

Molecular spectroscopy, spectroscopy of internal rotation in molecules, quantum chemistry