Evgeny S. Voropai

Position held: Professor, head of research laboratory

Degree, academic title:Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

Specialization:Кафедра лазерной физики и спектроскопии

Contact Information:
The address: Minsk, 5, Bobruiskaya st., room 224
Phone: +375 (17) 209-54-72
E-mail: voropay@bsu.by

Brief information:


Co-head of the BSU scientific school on photonics; Chairman of the Council of BSU (D 02.01.17) for the defense of doctoral dissertations, member of the Council D02.05.17 at BNTU; member of the editorial board, deputy editor-in-chief of the Journal of Applied Spectroscopy; Deputy Executive Editor of Series 1 of the journal "Bulletin of BSU"; member of the Belarusian Physical Society, Optical Society named after D.S. Rozhdestvensky; member of the Board of National Experts of the CIS countries on lasers and laser technologies; Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council on Laser and Optical Technology at the State Committee for Science and Technology; member of the BRFFR Expert Council; Deputy Chairman of the Interdepartmental Expert Council for the Priority Direction of Fundamental and Applied Scientific Research "Competitive products of radio, micro, nano, microwave and power electronics, microsensors, laser-optical technology, development of new types of devices, including for scientific purposes"; for 2011 – 2015; co-coordinator of the state program of scientific research (GPNI – "Electronics and Photonics", subprogram "Photonics-2. Prepared by 2 doctors and 10 candidates of sciences. Published more than 662 papers, including 4 monographs, 4 preprints and 52 copyright certificates and patents, 437 articles and 175 abstracts.



Courses taught:




Research interests:


Development of materials, devices and techniques for spectroanalytical tasks.



Honorary awards, prizes:


In 2014 entered on the Board of Honor of BSU. Also in 2014, for the development of a new generation of sensitizer at the competition for the best innovative projects and the best scientific and technical developments of the year in St. Petersburg, a 1st degree diploma was received with a gold medal.

In 2015, for the development of the "Laser video microspectrometric complex ( VMSK) for the analysis of the characteristics of spatially complex objects" received a diploma of the 2nd degree with the presentation of a silver medal. In 2016 at the competition "The best innovative project and the best scientific and technical development of the year" in St. Petersburg for the development of 'Luminescent security label with hidden degrees of protection and devices for its express identification' received a 1st degree diploma with a gold medal. State awards: * medal 'For Labor Merit' (1986); * laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus in the field of science and technology (1994); * certificate of honor of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus (2011) * badge of the Ministry of Education "Excellence in Education" (2014) * Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (2016). Other awards: * certificates of honor of the Institute and the Belarusian State University, the Ministry of Higher Education of the BSSR and the USSR; * A.N. Sevchenko prize (2003); * diploma of the NAS of Belarus (2006 and 2009); * gratitude from the Chairman of the Presidium of the NASB (2007); * certificate of honor of the B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics of NAS of Belarus (2008); * Certificate of Merit from the BRFFR (2008); * the honorary title "Honored Worker of BSU" (2012); * personal bonus of the President of the Republic of Belarus for an outstanding contribution to the socio-economic development of the republic (1999 and 2011); * Certificate of honor of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus (2013). * Honorary title "Honored Scientist of the Republic of Belarus", 2021







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Articles in scientific journals:


  1. Compact picosecond diode lasers / Voropai E.S., Ermalitskaia K.F., Ermalitski F.A., Rad’ko A.E., Rzheutsky N.V., Samtsov M.P. // Instruments and Experimental Techniques. – 2022. – Vol. 65. – P. 83 – 88.

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  3. Formation of Al2O3 and AIN Nanopowders by Exposing Aluminum to a Series of Double Laser Pulses in Air / Kh. Bazzal, N. A. Alekseenko, E. S. Voropay, M. N. Kovalenko, M. P. Patapovich, A. P. Zazhogin // Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. – 2021. – Vol. 88. – P. 274-282.

  4. Formation of Oxidized Aluminum Nanopowders by Exposing Aluminum to a Series of Double Laser Pulses in Air / Bazzal, K., Alekseenko, N.A., Voropay, E.S., Kovalenko, M.N., Trinh, N.H., Zazhogin, A.P. // Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. – 2021. – Vol. 88. – P. 85-91.

  5. Воропай, Е. С. Суб- и наносекундные диодные источники света / Е. С. Воропай, Ф. А. Ермалицкий, А. Е. Радько, М. П. Самцов, // Приборы и техника эксперимента. 2020, − № 1. − С. 151–152.



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